International Students

For eligibility, important due dates, required documentations, a n d application information for degree-seeking students of IED, please refer to the Website of Office of International Affairs at NCTU.

International Scholarship
For more information, please access the Office of Internatonal Affairs website at

What are the entry requirements of the Institute of Education programs?

The entry requirements includes a Bachelo r’s o r Master’s degree from an accredited higher education institution (education o r social science related field of study is preferred)

Are there any admission interviews o r paper-pencial exams?
No. Consideration fo r admission is solely based on the review of the applicant’s’ academic perfo rmance a n d other supplementary po rtfolios.

What are the career prospects of the graduates from the Institute of Education?

Students who graduated from the Institute of Education are well-positioned fo r a variety of jobs in both public a n d private secto rs.

Educational a n d counselling psychology division
Besides being educational psychologists a n d counsello rs, graduates from the educational a n d counselling psychology division are highly sought after in the social service o rganizations, consultancy firms a n d human resources management secto rs.

Science Education division
MA a n d Ph.D. graduates from the Science education division will be able to find employment oppo rtunities in the areas such as K-12 education a n d research.

E-learning division
MA a n d Ph. D. graduates from the digital learning division will be able to wo rk in a wide spectrum of jobs in policy fo rmulation, teaching, co rpo rate communication, research a n d info rmation management positions.

How do I check the status of my application?
You could consult the Office of International Affairs to check the status of your application.

When do I need to find a thesis adviso r?
After being admitted a n d enrolled, you should find your a thesis adviso r by the end of the first semester.

Do I need to be majo red in the related subject to be considered fo r admission?

It’s preferred if you have a related background in education. However, we welcome interdisciplinary expertises a n d do consider applicants who are from different discipline of studies but express high interests in educational research. If you fall into this catego ry, please describe what motivates you to the research of education a n d how will you plan your study.

Are all the courses conducted in Chinese? Is a good comma n d of Chinese language essential?

Yes, the main medium of instruction in IED is Ma n darin Chinese. Although IED offered a few courses that are taught in English (about 6), international students are expected to have the basic listening a n d o ral communication skills in Chinese language to complete your program of study. Students whose native languages are not Chinese are strongly encouraged to attend courses conducted by the NCTU Chinese Language Centre.

How will my application be assessed?
The faculty members in IED will review the academic quality a n d suitability of the applicants based on the submitted application packages.

How long is the ca n didature period?
Master: The maximum ca n didature period is 4 years.
Ph. D.: The maximum ca n didature period is 6 years. Within the maximum ca n didature period, a student is allowed to take Leave of absence (LOA) fo r a maximum of 2 years.

What are the graduation requirements?
Master: a MA thesis a n d a completion of a coursewo rk program of 30 credits are required.

Ph. D.: a completion of a coursewo rk program of 40 credits, a pass in a Ph. D. qualifying examination a n d a Ph. D. thesis are required.

May I change program after I’ve been admitted?

Transfer of departments o r divisions is notlikely to happen in graduate schools. If there is a serious need to transfer your department o r division, you need to seek approval from the respective departments’ professo rs a n d the Office of International Affairs.

W here can I find a copy of the course prospectus?

One could find the course prospectus from the course registration link,

For further enquiries a n d advice, one could contact the respective course instructors via email.