List of Thesis

Doctor’s degree
Academic YearAuthorTitle AdvisorDegree
108Tsai, Pei-YiExplore the impact of spatial ability and imagistic simulation on college students' electromagnetic deductive reasoning with the support of eye movement and electroencephalographyShe, Hsiao-ChingDoctor
108Hsieh, Ming-YiThe Investigation of Multimodal Reading Comprehension Progress Based on Eye-Movement Data for Experienced and Inexperienced EFL High School Learners in TaiwanLin, San-JuDoctor
107Chang, Shan-MeiOnline gaming motives, problematic internet use and mental health: Longitudinal and profile studies in college gamers in college gamersLin, Sunny S. J.Doctor
107Yu, Shih-JouIncorporating wearable intelligent visual feedback based on attention into museum education and analyzing the effect on university students' engagement, cognitive load, learning achievement and satisfactionSun, Jerry Chih-YuanDoctor
107Pan, Jui-AnGraduate Students’ and Researchers’ Concepts of Responsible Conduct of Research and Scholarly Authorship: A Comparative Research of Cross-Academic BackgroundChou, ChienDoctor
106Chou, Hui-lienTaiwan Teenagers’ Privacy Practices on Social Networking Sites: An Analysis of Multiple Factors Based on the Protection Motivation TheoryChou, ChienDoctor
105Chuang, Ming-HuaThe impact of metacognition embedded problem solving digital learning content on 6th grade students’ scientific concepts' construction and problem solvingShe, Hsiao-ChingDoctor
105Wei, Huei-ChuanRelationships among College Learners’ Online Learning Perceptions, Learning Behaviors, Learning Achievements, and Course Satisfaction in the Online and Blended Learning Delivery Modes: A Self-Determination Theory Perspective on Online Learning PerceptionsChou, ChienDoctor
104Huang, Li-YuExplore the Brain Dynamics and Eye Movement Patterns during the Cognitive Process of Abductive Reasoning Regarding GeneticsShe, Hsiao-ChingDoctor
104Chang, Chih-MingThe Design, Implement and Evaluation of e-Character Curriculum for Adolescent StudentsChou, ChienDoctor
104Hui-Tzu ChangThe correlates of psychological maturity among Taiwanese adultsLiu,Yih-LanDoctor
104Cheng, Chao-YangStudents’ in- and after-school optimal experience: Intensive longitudinal data with variable-centered and person-centered analysesLin, San-JuDoctor
103Mao, Ching-HuaThe Impact of Parental Support and Expectation on Taiwanese College Students’ Career Indecision: the Mediating Role of Career Self-EfficacyFang, Tzu-Wei
Hsu, Ying-Chu
102Lin, Jr-HungCognitive load and diagram comprehension in solving geometry problems: An integrative probe with eye tracker and hand writing devicesLin, San-JuDoctor
102Lu, Jui LienResearch on the College Students’ Multitasking Behavior, Multitasking Motivation, and Multitasking Perception while StudyingChou, ChienDoctor
102Chen, Sheng-ChangResearch on middle school students’ mental model construction and eye movements patterns involving electricity:The effect of integrating analogy/metaphor with picture/text on-line learningShe, Hsiao-ChingDoctor
102Chou, Wen-ChiThe EEG Dynamic Reflects the Underlying Brain Cognitive Process During Optic Relational ReasoningShe, Hsiao-ChingDoctor
101Yeh, Yu-ChenPanel Relation among Depression, Problematic Internet Use, and Lifestyle Change: Cross-lagged and Longitudinal Mediation AnalysesLin, Sunny S. J.Doctor
101Huang, Yun-yinOnline Learning Readiness, Perceptions, and Interactions of Taiwanese College Students in Computer-Supported Collaborative English WritingChou, ChienDoctor
100Hung, Min-LingA Study of the Relationship between College-level Online Learners’ Readiness and Learning PerformanceChou, ChienDoctor
99Chiang, Yu-TzuThe Factor Structure and Predictive Utility of the 2 × 2 Achievement Goal FrameworkLin, Sunny S. J.Doctor


Master’s degree
Academic YearAuthorTitle AdvisorDegree
108Guan, Zheng-HongReading Classical Chinese Fables with Various Structural Orders by Two Levels of Readers: Evidences from Eye MovementLin, San-JuMaster
108Hsu, Yi-TingThe correlation among hostility, perceived burdensomeness, thwarted belongingness and suicidal ideation of college studentsLi, Ming-ChinMaster
108Li, Nien-ChiUsing Mobile Eye Trackers to Track Learners’ Visual Attention during Learning Statistical Problems with Diagrams of Different Complex Level in a Real ClassroomLin, San-JuMaster
108Hung, Hsiao-ChingThe Association Analysis between Digital Distraction and Procrastination among Taiwanese Students Different GenderWu, Jiun-YuMaster
108Yeh, Syuan-LingEffects of AR- and VR-based wearable learning material on high school students' situational interest, science learning self-efficacy, sources of science learning self-efficacy, student engagement, and learning performance: The case of a physics experimentSun, Jerry Chih-YuanMaster
108Tok, Kun-ShengThe Relationships between Personality Traits and Students’ Engagement among International Students: Cross-cultural Adaptation in Taiwan as a MediatorLiu, Yih-LanMaster
108Huang, Chi-YuanA study on the Positive Collaboration Experience of Class Tutor,School Counselor, and Psychologist in the Three-level Counseling System of Senior High SchoolXu, Ying-ZhuMaster
108Chang, Chia-YiA Study of Factors Influencing Bystanders’ Behavioral Reactions in School Bullying Situations in Junior High SchoolLiu, Yih-LanMaster
108Tan, Yu-HanEighth-graders’ Collaborative Summary Writing on Google Docs: An Action Research ProjectChen, Chao-HsiuMaster
108Chang, Chia-WeiEvaluating Virtual Reality Learning Materials “Seeking” from the Perspective of Human-Computer InteractionChen, Ken-ZenMaster
108Lin, Hsiu-ShanEffects of Integrating an Interactive Response System into Flipped Classroom Instruction on Students’ Self-Efficacy, Collective Efficacy, Sequential Behavioral Patterns, and Learning PerformanceSun, Chih-YuanMaster
108Lo, ShengThe Relationship between College Students' Aggressive Behavior and the Type of Attachment: The Mediating Effect of MentalizationLi, Ming ChinMaster
108Lu, Yu-TingThe Relationship between Mother-Child Communication Patterns and Adolescents’ Risky Internet Use: Mother-Child Interaction via Facebook as a MediatorLiu, Yin-LanMaster
108Yeh, Hsiao-HanAn Analysis of Learning Interaction, Knowledge Construction and Sequential Behavioral Patterns for Partial Role-Assignment Intervention in MOOC Discussion ForumChen, Ken-ZenMaster
108Guo, Jiun-WeiThe impact of online collaborative vs. individualized problem solving with 3D simulation on 8th grades’ learning of electromagneticsShe, Hsiao-ChingMaster
108Liu, Yu-HanLearner Performance and User Experience of an Adaptive Digital Flashcard in Studying Educational Foundations: The Case of CeregoChen, Ken-ZenMaster
108Wang, Yi-ChienEmployees’ Online-Learning Readiness in Taiwan High Tech Industry: An Exploratory StudyChou, ChienMaster
108Tsai, Ying-ChiaExploring effects of animation observation prompts on conceptual understanding, calibration accuracy, and ability of explaining macroscopic properties with a particulate model: A case of gas behavior at high school levelWang, Chia-YuMaster
107Chen, Meng-JunThe impact of online collaborative problem solving with 3D simulated experiment on 8th graders’ electrochemistry learningShe, Hsiao-ChingMaster
107Kuo, Chun-HsinExplore the impact of educational game on 8th graders' learning of Newton's law of motionShe, Hsiao?ChingMaster
107Wang, Yung-TzuSelf-efficacy and reading cross-disciplinary scientific texts: An eye-tracking studyChiou, Guo-LiMaster
107Tong, Yi-ChenThe Relationships among Mother-Adolescent Emotion Co-regulation, Mother Meta-emotion Philosophy, Adolescent Temperament, and Internalizing and Externalizing Problematic Behavior: A Dynamic System Approach.Liu, Yih-LanMaster
107Liu, Ting-YuThe Effect of Reiki on the Negative Mood Regulation Expectancies and Burnout of the HelpersLiu, Yih-LanMaster
107Lin, Yu-ShuA Narrative Research of the Couple who experienced the journey of Transnational Long-Distance Relationships later toward Cohabitation: From a Dyadic PerspectiveLi, Ming-ChinMaster
107Hsiao, Yi-ShuanUsing learner- or expert-generated concept map to assist science reading comprehension: Do skills of self-regulated learning matter?Wang, Chia-YuMaster
107Liu, Yi-MingMediation analyses of the relationships among online self-regulated learning, engagement, and cognitive load: The case of an online learning environment integrated with online self-regulated learning strategies and instant feedbackSun, Jerry Chih-YuanMaster
107Hsu, Yu-ChingExploring the Changes of Mathematical Learning Motivation and Anxiety for Junior-high School Students in an Investment Alternative CurriculumWu, Jiun-YuMaster
107Kung, Che-YiThe Relationships between Almost Perfect and Active / Passive Procrastination: The Mediating Effects of Perfectionistic Self-Presentation.Fang, Tzu-WeiMaster
107Wu, Zhi-YuDesigning an educational board game about coastal wetland protection and evaluating its influence on the upper-grade elementary school students’ learning including environmental protection knowledge, attitudes, skills, and learning motivationChen, Chao-HsiuMaster
107Tseng,Jing-YuCreating a Community of Inquiry for Pre-service Teachers’ Professional Development through Cloud Platforms: A Design-based ResearchChen,Ken-ZenMaster
107Hung, Haui-HungDo conditions experienced by college students in system engineering course predict flow? A HLM study with repeated experiences from day reconstruction methodLin, SunnyMaster
107Chen, Yen-LingThe Effect of the Two-Tier-Test Approach Integrated with Tablet IRS on University Students' Self-efficacy, Attention and Learning PerformanceSun, Chih-YuanMaster
107Hou, Yi-WenAction research on integrating digital storytelling and role-playing into the instruction of network etiquette for upper-grade elementary studentsChen, Chao-HsiuMaster
106Tsai, Ming-CheExplore the impact of scaffolding embedded scientific inquiry on 7th grade students' construction of biology conceptions and scientific inquiry abilityShe, Hsiao-ChingMaster
106Tsao, Sheng-WeiThe impact of explicit popular science prologue and personal epistemic beliefs on students’ online learning of scientific epistemology embedded popular scienceShe, Hsiao-ChingMaster
106Nian, Mei-WenThe Influence of Distraction Behavior, Executive Function and Exercise Habit on Online-Searching Performance for University StudentsWu, Jiun-YuMaster
106Tsang, Chih-HsienThe Relationships between Partner-Oriented Perfectionism and Relationship Satisfaction: The Mediating Effect of Conflict Coping StyleFang, Tzu-WeiMaster
106Liu, Chia-ChiDesign and evaluation of a game-based App to support the upper-grade elementary school students' learning of computational thinkingChen, Chao-HsiuMaster
106Wang, Yu-ChiThe Relationship between Flight Attendants’ Emotional Blackmail and Turnover Intention : Psychological Capital as a ModeratorLiu, Yih-LanMaster
106Huang, Chi-YuanThe relationships between perceived social support and job satisfaction and organizational commitment:The mediating effect of core self-evaluationLiu, Yih-LanMaster
106Wu, Chin-HanA latent profile analysis of adolescent temperament and the grouping effect on developmental adjustmentLiu, Yih-LanMaster
106Hsieh, Wan-LinA study of lesbian experience about sexual identity development and career developmentHsu, Shao-Ling
Fang, Tzu-Wei
106Lu, Tsung-YiA Study of the 80s’ small and indeed happiness (xiaoquexin)Hsu, Shao-Ling
Fang, Tzu-Wei
106Lin, Guan-RuExplore students’ situational interest and high-level thinking with self-designed cards at digital card games’ learning activities.Sun, Chun-ZaiMaster
106Chen, Yu-LingThe application of a social networking platform Instagram in aesthetic education and its influence on university students’ aesthetic experience, learning engagement, situational interest and learning performanceSun, Chih-YuanMaster
106Hsieh, Wan-LinThe Unspeakable Truth of Education– the Study of the Life of Lesbian Elementary School TeachersHsu, Ying-ChuMaster
106Hsiao, Yi-ChengA statistical document classification system based on machine learning algorithms: Architecture and application in Facebook online discussion groupWu, Jiun-YuMaster
106Wang,Yen-ChunComparing effects of infographics and the typical text-based representation on the cognitive load,situational interests and conceptual understanding:A case study on nanoscience conceptsLiu,Shu-ChiuMaster
106Hsieh, Pei-HsunEffects of a Gamified IRS on Junior High School Students' Intrinsic Motivation, Extrinsic Motivation, Engagement, Attention, and Learning PerformanceSun, Chih-YuanMaster
106Lee, Ke-WeiUse of eye tracking technique and cued retrospective reporting to explore college students’ cognitive processes during evaluating scientific explanation: Comparisons between students with high and low prior knowledgeWang, Chia-YuMaster
106Chang, Chia-YuehThe Design, Selection and Component Fixation Analyses of Achievement Emotion Images and Their Relationships with The Academic Functions of Female High School StudentsLin, San-JuMaster
106Huang, Yi-HsiangSocial Comparison Envy in Adolescence:The Relationships among Appraisals, Envy, and Coping StrategiesLiu, Yih-LanMaster
106Chi, Hsiao-HanIntroducing board games into coding instruction: An applicability study of first-time users’ experience playing the “King of Pirates”Chen, Ken-ZenMaster
106Hsu, Yi-ChuanThe Effect of Eye-Tracking Scaffolding on High School Students’ Self-Efficacy, Test Anxiety, and Learning Performance: The Case of a C Programming Language CourseSun, Chih-YuanMaster
106Lo, Sheng-AnExploring the effects of integrating the 5E instruction with flipped classrooms on science learningChiou, Guo-LiMaster
105Hsu,Chih-ShenExplore college students’ processes of self-regulated learning during scientific explanation evaluation: Comparisons between moderate and low evaluation performersWang,Chia-YuMaster
105Tseng, Chun-HsiangThe design and evaluation of an App for high school students’ learning of English WritingChen, Chao-HsiuMaster
105Wu, Ping-YuThe Relationships between Cyberbullying Victimization and Depression among College Students: Cognitive Emotion Regulation as a Moderator.Fang, Tzu-WeiMaster
105YE, JIA-YINA Study on the Relationship Between Elementary School Classes Teachers’ Emotional Labor and Job Burnout:The Moderate Effect of Social SupportFang, Tzu-WeiMaster
105Chiu, YiExamining optimal experiences of students in system engineering courses through day reconstruction method and analyzing their project creative performanceLin, sunnyMaster
105Chien, Hsiang-YuOnline learners’ achievement goal settings and their preference for game-design elements in a gamified learning platformChen, CHao-HsiuMaster
105Huang, Chen-LingExploring the relationships among self-efficacy on science reading, self-regulated learning, and reading performance in reading science hypertextWang, Chia-YuMaster
105Tsai, Hsueh-ErEffects of personalized learning integrated with data visualization and self-regulatory strategies on online learners' self-regulation and sequential behavioral patterns: The case of research ethics educationSun, Jerry Chih-YuanMaster
105Yan, Yun-chunThe narrative research on the interaction between depression and his intimate partner.Hsu, Ying-ChuMaster
105Su, Yu-Hsin"After she cheated on me": An investigation into the relationship stories of lesbians and transformation of their self-identity.Xu, Ying-ZhuMaster
105Ciou, Hao-EnExploring the Influence of Working Memory and Distraction Rate On the Online Reading AchievementWu, Jiun-YuMaster
105Lee, Pei-ChihExplore the impact of metacognition integrated cell cycle multimedia learning on students’ knowledge constructionShe, Hsiao-ChingMaster
105Liu, Yun-AnA case study on employing a micro-teaching system to support pre-service teachers’ self- and peer-assessed learning to teachChen, Chao-HsiuMaster
105Tseng, Pei-ChunThe Relationships between Two-dimensional Perfectionism and Academic Thesis Procrastination of Graduate Students: The Mediating Effects of Self-regulation Learning Strategies.Fang, Tzu-WeiMaster
105Chen, Ying-YingBereaved adults' continuing bonds with their parentsLi, Ming-ChinMaster
105Tan, HsiA Study of the experiences and processes of grief adjustment among family members bereaved by fall deathLi, Ming-ChinMaster
105Liao, Wan-ChingResearch on the metacognition Integrated Online Simulated Reality Biological Inquiry LearningShe, Hsiao-ChingMaster
105Chou, Ren-JyeExplore the impact of simulation-based and animation-based simulated reality learning on 8th grade students' physics learning.She, Hsiao-ChingMaster
105Lin, Ting-YuThe Effect of Integrating Feedback and Signaling Design with Tablet IRS on College Students' Situational Interest and AttentionJerry Chih-Yuan SunMaster
104Lin, Yeh-ChunA study on the lived experience of humans and animals as family member.Hsu, Ying-ChuMaster
104Chao, Chih-HsuanEffects of smart feedback on online learners’ learning self-efficacy, engagement, and behavioral patterns: The case of research ethics educationSun, Chih-YuanMaster
104Sung, ChengExplore impacts of self-regulation scaffolding on nighth-grade students’ views of nature of science.Wang, Chia-YuMaster
104XIE LI ANInvestigating student teachers’ behavior and attitude change during the adoption of a mobile support system for student teachingChen, Chao-HsiuMaster
104Shih, Chuan-ChengEEG Dynamics Reflect Students’ Cognitive Process During High and Low Cognitive Conflict of Conceptual Change EventShe, Hsiao-ChingMaster
104Chuang, Min-JuEye movement, interactive mental representation and reading comprehension as reflection of processing dialogic text with chronological/ non-chronological sequence of eventsLin, sunnyMaster
104Chao, Yi-YinThe Relationships among Narcissism, Empathy, Moral Disengagement, and Cyberbullying of College StudentsLiu, Yih-LanMaster
104Tsai,Shin-HueiThe Correlation of Internet Interpersonal Conflict and Suicidal Ideation for UndergraduatesHsu, Ying-JuMaster
104Chang, Shu-TingA study of a transformation of a couple’s Relationship after Breaking upHsu, Ying-JuMaster
104Teng, Ming-HsiangExploring effects of calibration accuracy on self-regulated learning strategies and comprehension in a science reading taskWang, Chia-YuMaster
104Guo, Jia-YunExplore relationships among working memory span, use of self-regulated learning skills and reading comprehension in reading scientific texts.Wang,Chia-YuMaster
104Peng,Yen-LingExplore the relationships between working memory span, metacognitive skills and problem solving performance –A Case of 9th Grade FrictionWang,Chia-YuMaster
104Chang, Mu-MinAlternative conceptions and science instruction: A case study of an elementary science teacher not majoring in scienceChiou, Guo-LiMaster
104Ouyang, YuanThe effectiveness of spatial outline and physical manipulation on young children's reasoning of two-dimensional spatial arrayLin, San-JuMaster
104Hsu, Min-JungThe Design, Development, and Evaluation of Anti-cyberbullying Online Learning Materials for Pre-service Teachers.Chou, ChienMaster
104Chen, WeiHow does project team members' perception of conflicts affect creative thinking and products?Lin, San-JuMaster
104Kao Shih HuiAn Exploratory Study of the Effects of QRAC Teaching Strategy on Eighth Graders’ Chinese Vernacular Reading ComprehensionWu Jiun YuMaster
104Lin, Ya-ChiExplore the Impact of Different Multimedia Media Modes on Students' Scientific Explanations with the Use of Eye MovementShe, Hsiao-ChingMaster
104XIE, CHENExploring the Effect of Time Stress and Noting Strategy on the Decrease of Online-Learning DistractionWu, Jiun-YuMaster
104Wang, Ling-LingApplying Chinese Version Teacher Network of Relationships Inventory on Junior High Students in Taiwan: Scale Revision and its Measurement Invariance TestWu,Jiun-YuMaster
104LI,Yu-HuiRelationships between relational embeddedness, knowledge sharing, and knowledge quality of Facebook teacher communities and teachers' competenciesChen, Chao-HsiuMaster
104Shyu,YunThe clustering of experiences in after-school program and quality of life of elementary school children: The application of PPCT ModelLin, San-JuMaster
103Ling, Hui-AiA Bipolar Patient’s Painting Style Changing Process:An Art Therapy CaseHsu, Ying-ChuMaster
103Chen, Chia-YingThe Relationships among Active/Passive Procrastination, Academic Social Comparison Processes, and Academic Procrastination State of College StudentsLiu, Yih-LanMaster
103Wu, JieyaThe Influence of Autonomy Support and Psychological Control on Vocational Identity for Senior College Students: The Effect of Identity StyleLiu, Yih-LanMaster
103Chen, Wei-HsuanTaiwan Run: Design and Evaluation of an Interdisciplinary Mobile Game for Elementary StudentsChen, Chao-HsiuMaster
103Liao, Pei-ChungLatent Profiles of Stress among College Students with concurrent and Predictive Validation Using Depression and Problematic Internet UseChen, Ssu-Kuang
Lin, Shan-Ju
103Huang, Yu-ChuanThe Relationship among Personality, Emotion Regulation and Life Stress on Adolescent Self-HarmLiu, Yih-LanMaster
103Pan, Liu-ChengApplying Cognitive Load Theory and Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning to Investigate the Effect of Experimental Pictographic English Vocabulary E-learning Courseware on Situational Interest and BrainwaveSun, Chih-YuanMaster
103Zheng,Ying-TzeThe Association among Internalized Heterosexism, Work Place Sexual Identity Management Strategies, Depression, and Social Support : a Study of Moderated Mediation.Liu,Yi-LanMaster
103Huang, Hui-IAn Exploratory Study of Junior High School Students' Attitude toward and Response to Internet Rumors: A Case Study of Facebook MessagesChou, ChienMaster
103Yeh, Katherine Pin-ChenThe Effects of Attention Monitoring with EEG Biofeedback on College Students’ Attention and Self-Efficacy: The Case of Anti-Phishing Instructional MaterialsSun, Jerry Chih-YuanMaster
103Chen, Ariel Yu-ZhenThe Effects of Integrating Dynamic Concept Maps with IRS on Elementary School Students’ Motivation and Learning Outcome: The Case of Anti-Phishing EducationSun, Jerry Chih-YuanMaster
103Chang, Chih-YuThe Relationship between Personality and Loneliness in Intimate Relationship: The Mediating Effect of Ideal-Perception Consistency in Intimacy-Loyalty.Fang, Tzu-WeiMaster
103Kuo, Yi-LingEffect of a Teaching Program For Inducing Domain-Specific Creativity in Civic Education Class of Junior High SchoolLin,Sunny S. J.Master
103Ong, Anna Wen-HueyThe Relationships among Maternal Psychological Control, Perceived Parental Differential Treatment, Effortful Control, and Relational Aggressive Behavior against Siblings: A Moderated Mediation AnalysisLiu, Yih-LanMaster
103Chen, Yen-JuEffect of Presentation Styles of a Mobile Augmented Reality App on Elementary Students' Learning Achievement of Spatial Rotation, Cognitive Load and Situational InterestChen, Chao-HsiuMaster
103Lin, Che-TsunApplying learning analytics to explore the influence of online learners' motivation on their online learning behavioral patterns: The case of research ethics educationSun, Jerry Chih-YuanMaster
103Yang, Ting-TingUse of Eye Movement to Explore College Students’ Cognitive Processes during Scientific Literacy Online AssessmentShe, Hsiao-ChingMaster
103Li, ShinAn Exploratory Analysis on Cognitive Behavior Profiles for Higher Education Students in TaiwanWu, Jiun-YuMaster
103Huang, Shu-LingThe Relationships between Psychological Control and Relational Aggression: The Mediating Effects of Self-Esteem and Self-Concept Clarity.Fang, Tzu-WeiMaster
103Kuo,Cian-YuExplore anti-phishing game-based learners’ sequential behavioral patterns, flow experience, and learning performanceSun,Chih-YuanMaster
103Kuo, Wen-PinInfluence of adopting a smart-phone support system on high-school student teachers’ establishment of the community of practice and professional identitiesChen, Chao-HsiuMaster
103Li, Kuan-YuScientific News and Scientific Epistemological Beliefs: High School Students’ Conceptions and Interpretations of Scientific NewsChiou, Guo-LiMaster
103Chung, Pei-ChihThe Development of the Online Self-Regulation Scale for Undergraduate and Graduate Students: A Factor Analysis ApproachWu, Jiun-YuMaster
103Wang, Yi-JuA Study of the Evaluation Dimensions and Criteria for OpenCourseWare WebsitesChou, ChienMaster
103Chen, Cheng-CheThe Relationships among Peer Pressure, Peer Conformity, Internalization of Parental Values, and Adolescent Deviant BehaviorLiu, Yih-LanMaster
102Lin, Pu-KangExplore the impact of functional scaffolding scientific inquiry digital learning on 8th grade students' scientific explanantions and evidence-based argumentation abilityShe, Hsiao-ChingMaster
102Lin, Yu-WenThe Impact of Game-based Learning on 7th Graders’ Evolution Concept Learning, Immersion Experience, and MotivationShe, Hsiao-ChingMaster
102Wang, Hsin-TaiThe effects of self-regulated strategy instruction on college students online science readingLin, Sunny S. J.Master
102Lee, Meng-LingExploring factors and learning outcomes of an argumentation professional development programWang, Chia-Yu
She, Hsiao-Ching
102Yu-Ting ChengThe effect of implementing tablet IRS in classroom instruction on junior high school teachers' TPACK and students' personal and situational interestJerry Chih-Yuan SunMaster
102Yu, Shih-JouThe Effect of College Students' Internet Self-Efficacy on Their Anti-Phishing Behavior and PerformanceSun, Jerry Chih-YuanMaster
102Liao, Chih-YingThe mediation effect of achievement goals between low self-control and math performanceSunny S.J. LinMaster
102Lin, Yu-YanThe mediation effect of game team attribution between interpersonal swift trust and team efficacy among temporary game teams in the “League of Legends”Lin, Shan-JuMaster
102Huang, Li-ChenThe development and measurement invariance test of Chinese version Teacher-Student Relationship Scale for elementary higher-gradersWu, Jiun-YuMaster
102Chiang, Tse-WeiThe user-interface design and evaluation of a mobile system for student teachersChen, Chao-HsiuMaster
102Yu, Shin-PeiTaiwan Elementary School Teachers’ Information Literacy and External Environmental Factors on Their Experience of Using Teacher-Version Electronic TextbooksChou, ChienMaster
102Tseng, Hsiang-ChunThe Impact of Demographic Variables and Parenting Styles on Longitudinal Changes of Parenting Stress: An Example of Taiwan SNELS SampleWu, Jiun-YuMaster
101Wan, Kep HueyThe Design and Evaluation of Interactive Whiteboard Graphical Mathematics Teaching Materials for Elementary Students with Learning DisabilityChen, Chao-HsiuMaster
101Cheng, Hsu-ChengThe Effect of Using Digital Note-taking Strategies on the Learning Achievement and Cognitive Load While Watching Video Materials.Chen, Chao-HsiuMaster
101Wu, Shin-ChunThe Investigation of the Relationships among Motivations of Facebook Use, Verification Attitudes, Perceptions of Information Credibility and Information Sharing BehaviorsChou, ChienMaster
101Lin, Meng-YuInvestigation of the implementation of mobile learning in enterprise trainingChen, Chao-HsiuMaster
101Chang, Kai-YuThe effect of mobile context-aware learning on self-efficacy, self-regulation, and student achievement: The case of learning plant in EnglishSun, Chih-YuanMaster
101Syu, Yun-RuThe effect of conformity and learning anxiety on intrinsic and extrinsic motivation: The case of students participating in courses using Facebook.Sun, Chih-YuanMaster
101Tseng, Mu-ChenAn exploring study of college room-bound male students: the relationships among personality, college major, residence status, and psychological adjustmentLiu, Yih-LanMaster
101Chang, Wan-ChuanA Narrative Study of Bicultural Identity and Its Pychological Process of Children With Immigrant Mother in TaiwanHsu, Ying-ChuMaster
101Liu, Ying-TzuThe Design, Development and Evaluation of a Digital Storytelling-integrated Moral Education Curriculum for Primary School Students in SingaporeChou, ChienMaster
101Cheng, Yi-LingA Study of On-line High School Chemistry Argumentation Integrate with Web-searching StrategiesShe, Hsiao-ChingMaster
101YANG WEN ZONGPromote students’ argumentation ability and PISA scientific competencies through the use of digital scientific argumentationShe, Hsiao-ChingMaster
101Jiang, Ming-ChiuA Self-Narrative Research: ‘‘Companion with Cats—The Pursuit of Love and Self.”Hsu, Shao-LingMaster
101Liu, Hsiao-LuThe Qualitative Study of Personal Goal Experiences in Early AdulthoodHsu, Ying-ChuMaster
101Chang, Wei-ShanThe Effects of Leisure Activity Similarity, Personality Similarity, Value Similarity on Adolescent Friendship QualityLiu, Yih-LanMaster
101Chang, Hui-ChenExplore the impact of mental model oriented problem-solving on fifth grade students' problem-solving abilityShe, Hsiao-ChingMaster
101Shen, Yi-TingA study on relationship among Ideal-Actual Partner Discrepancy, Relationship Quality and Subject Well-beingFang, Tzu-weiMaster
101Tsao, Wei-YingThe Study of School Climate and Teachers’ Administrative Tasks Engagement at Taoyuan Senior High SchoolsChen, Chi-YuanMaster
101Peng, Shiang-LanA study on the female objectified body experienceHsu, Shao-LingMaster
101CHENG ZI YING Development of Statistical Anxiety Scale, Statistical Attitudes Scale and the Procrastination Scale for Taiwan Graduate Students in Education Filed.Wu, Jiun-YuMaster
101Wu, Suei-ChingLongitudinal Relationship between General Academic Self-Concept and Academic Achievement of Taiwan TEPS SampleWu, Jiun-YuMaster
101Hsu, Hsin-FangMediating Effects of Teacher Intervention on the Relationship between Teacher Support, Teacher Justice and Adolescent Physical BullyingLiu, Yih-LanMaster
101Wu,Yu-TingThe Effects of Flipped Classroom Instruction Integrated with OpenCourseWare on Students’ Self-Regulation and Learning OutcomeSun,Chih-YuanMaster
101Chin, ChiaLearner-Generated Drawing as a science learning strategyLin, Sunny. S. J.Master
101Lo, Meng-TingImpulsivity and Problematic Internet Use in Taiwan College Students: A cross-lagged panel analysisLin, Sunny. S. J.Master
100Chen, Tien-HsinThe investigation of relationships among Taiwanese college students' personality traits, interpersonal relationship, Internet addiction, and Internet attitudesChen, Chao-hsiuMaster
100Lin, Yi-WenCollege Students’ Facebook-Use Characteristics, Critical-Thinking, and Information-Verification BehaviorChen, Chao-HsiuMaster
100LIU YU TIANExploring impacts of the completion problem format and collaborative learning activity on junior’s geometry achievement and cognitive loadLin, Sunny. S. J.Master
100TSAI SHIN YIThe Role of Celebrity Worship in The Relationships between Adolescent Peer Relation, Needs to Belong and Self-esteem.Liu, Yih-LanMaster
100Peng, Ya-ChunThe Mediation Effects of Strategies on Online Information-Seeking and Social Reading Activities to Printed and Digital PISA Reading LiteracyWu, Jiun-YuMaster
100Kuo, Yen-HsiuAnalyzing the Implementation Marketing Strategies of “Policy of Mainland China Students Allowed to Study in Taiwan” and Surveying the Perception of Mainland China Students in TaiwanChen, Chi-YuanMaster
100Ciou, Jia-LingA Study on the Implementation of the "Open Admission" Program in Senior High Schools in the District of Taoyuan (Taiwan)Chen, Chi-YuanMaster
100Tsai, I-ChinA Study of the Teaching Development Strategies in Higher Education in TaiwanChen, Chi-YuanMaster
100Lin, Chien-HungThe Study of Information Professional Ethics Curricula and Students’ Alternative Conceptions in TaiwanChien, ChouMaster
100Wu, Pei-shanExploring Factors Influencing DotA Game Players’ Loyalty and SatisfactionChen, Chao-HsiuMaster
100JIANG PEI XUANThe Design of Applying Google Earth to Junior-High-School Geography Assessment Using Two Units “Location & Scope” and “Terrain” as An ExampleChen, Chao-HsiuMaster
100ZHENG,YU-SHANThe Design, Development and Evaluation of Positive Psychology Online Course for Taiwan College StudentsChien, ChouMaster
100Chen, Tsai-ShiunContinuing Bonds Experiences of Middle-aged People after Losing their SpousesHsu, Ying-ChuMaster
100SHI,XIAO-QINGNational Competitiveness and the Excellence Policy of Pursuing World Class UniversitiesTai, HsiouHsiaMaster
100Li, Ming-DauThe user-interface design and evaluation of the Adaptive Support System Initiated for Student Teachers (ASSIST)Chen, Chao-HsiuMaster
100Lin, Yen-JuExplore influences of metacognition on eighth-grade students’ performance of analogical reasoning – An example of specific heat and heat equilibriumWang, Chia-YuMaster
100Liou, Yi-ShiuanThe Study of the Relationship Among Career Anxiety, Locus of Control and Career Decisions in of University Students - An Example of University Students in North Area of TaiwanHsu, Ying-ChuMaster
100Kao, Chi-ChunSaying Nothing and Left: Clients' Inner Experiences of Premature Termination in CounselingHsu, Shao-LingMaster
100Wu , Tzu-HsuanA study on Taipei junior high school teachers' cognition and the anticipation for participation about teachers unionChen, Chi-yuanMaster
100SU,FANG-YIParent attachment and ambivalence over emotion expression in romantic relationship of college students: the mediator effect of trustFang, Tzu-weiMaster
100Sung,Chiao-LingEmbracing Myself:A Narrative Journey for Love and GrowthChen,Jyh-JiaMaster
100Kuo, PinTzuA Study on Internationalization of Education and International Education in Senior High Schools in TaiwanTai, HsiouHsiaMaster
100Wang, Chien-ChiA Study of Nature of Science Embedded Scientific History Learning: The effectiveness of using social constructivism approachShe, Hsiao-ChingMaster
100Lan. Pei-ChingThe effectiveness of argumentation on middle school students’ physiology concepts construction and argumentation abilityShe, Hsiao-ChingMaster
100Liu, Mei-YingThe Correlative Study of Romantic relational aggression , Relationship satisfaction and Attachment style for College StudentsFang, Tzu-weiMaster
99PENG,JIEImproving Junior High School Students’ Moral Sensitivity and Argumentation Quality through Scientific and Socioscientific ArgumentationShu-Fen LinMaster
99Chen, Hsin-YuThe Effects of SOI Strategy Instruction Supported by Annotation System on Reading Online Scientific Expository Texts for Elementary StudentsLin, Sunny S.J.Master
99Hu, Keng-LingAn lmplementation Study of the “Plan to Develop First-class Universities and Top-level Research Centers”Chen, Chi-YuanMaster
99WANG,XIU-ZHIThe Academic Excellence Policies in Taiwan: An Accumulation and Legitimation PerspectiveTai, HsiouHsiaMaster
99Lu, Hsu-ChengThe design and evaluation of a mobile game-based learning system for self-guided campus toursChen, Chao-HsiuMaster
99Lee, Ju-WenExplore the impact of scientific problem solving with different level of imagination on 8th grade students’performance of problem solvingShe, Hsiao-ChingMaster
99Hsiao, Mi-ShanExplore the Impact of 2D and 3D Animation on Students' Scientific Concept Construction and Mental Model with the Use of EEG and Eye MovementShe, Hsiao-ChingMaster
99Cheng, Chiu-OThe Mediating Effects of Personality and Relational Aggression in Adolescents.Fang, Tzu-WeiMaster
99Ho, Shiau-FeiThe Correlative Study of Risk Perception of Drunk Driving, drinking refusal self-efficacy and Drunk Driving Behavior for Adult probation casesFang, Tzu-WeiMaster
99Lee, Chen-FengThe Effects of Structured Digital Geometry Curriculum of Multiple Representations on Junior High School Students’ Learning Cognition, Learning Achievement and Learning AttitudeChen, Chao-HsiuMaster
99Chen, Chun-TingExplore the effectiveness of inquiry learning with emphasis of scientific reasoning on students’ scientific reasoning ability, inquiry ability, and scientific conceptual constructionShe, Hsiao-ChingMaster
99Huang, Hsi-YuA Study of Synchronous and Asynchronous Facebook-based Nature of Science Integrated with Scientific NewsShe, Hsiao-ChingMaster
99Foung, Lee-TingOur Family Living with Cancer: The Study of Non-Terminal Cancer Patients' Family System Operation ExperiencesHsu, Ying-ChuMaster
99Chang, Yi -TingThe Regionalization and Globalization of EU Transnational Higher Education: From Erasmus Programme to Erasmus Mundus ProgrammeTai, Hsiou-HsiaMaster
99Wu, Pei-ChenRisk Society and General Education: Analysis of the Rise of Liberal Arts College in TaiwanTai, Hsiao-HsiaMaster
99Chen, Liu-Ju"I am not My Brain":A Path with Heart into the Inner Life HealingChen, Jyh-JiaMaster
98Weng, Hsiao-LanResearch on different levels of scaffolding web-based identifying scientific issues learning on junior high students’ identifying scientific issues abilityShe, Hsiao-ChingMaster
98Wang, Tzu-LanA study of Elementary School and Junior High School Teachers’Strike Rights: Perspectives of National Teachers’Association R.O.C. and National Alliance of Parents OrganizationChen, Chi-yuanMaster
98Wu, Yi-HuaA Study on Selection and Incentives of Mentor Teachers in Elementary Schools in TaiwanChen, Chi-YuanMaster
98Wang, Tzu-YinDeveloping Criteria for the Evaluation of Junior High School English Textbooks of Grade 1-9 CurriculumChen, Ci-YuanMaster
98Chen, Yi-ChiehThe user-interface design and evaluation of a mobile game-based learning system for self-guided library toursChen, Chao-HsiuMaster
98Huang, Sheng-YuJunior high school teachers’adoption of a Ubiquitous Performance Support System for Teachers (UPSST)Chen, Chao-HsiuMaster
98Chern, Mei-ShiangExplore the impact of scaffolding on web-based identifying scientific issue learning content on 6th grade students’ abilities of identifying scientific issue and inquiryShe, Hsiao-ChingMaster
98Tseng, Yi-YaThe Correlative Study of Separation Individuation, Parent Attachment, and Career Identity Status of Undergraduate StudentsHsu, Ying-ChuMaster
98Chou, Wan-YiThe Structural Relationships among Achievement Goals, Self-efficacy, and Mathematic PerformanceLin, sunnyMaster
98Chen, Te-HsuanWhat Can Verbal and Visual Gateways Tell Us During Reading? Insights from Eye Movement Miscue Analysis about English Reaing of Junior High StudentsLin, Sunny S. J.Master
98Hsu Yi-MeiEvery Day Gets a Little Closer-a Study on the Affectional Intimacy Experiences of the Midddle-aged CoupleHsu Shao-LingMaster
98Chang, Wei-LunKnowledge-based Economy、Higher Education and Employability:A Comparative Study of Taiwan and BritainTai, Hsiou-ShiaMaster
98Yang, Dai-YingInternational Marketing and International Student Recruiting Strategy:A Study of United Kingdom, Australia, Germany and JapanTai, Hsiou-HsiaMaster
98Cheng, Shu-ChuanResearch of Contextual Problem Solving on 8th Grade Students’ Physical Science Learning and Problem Solving AbilityShe, Hsiao-ChingMaster
98Tang, Tz-YingThe Experience of Conflicts with Gender Equality in MarriageHsu, Shao-LingMaster
98WANG,ZHAO-HUIInvisible Wounds:An exploratory of Vicarious Trauma process in Disaster CounselorsHsu, Ying-ChuMaster
98Chang, Shan-MeiShared mental model for teamwork of MMORPG core gamersLin, Sunny S. J.Master
98Shen, Wan-LingThe Correlative Study of Two-Dimensional Perfectionism, Depression Subtypes and Positive Affect in Adolescents: Subjective Achievement Stress and Coping Strategies as Mediators or Moderator.Fang, Tzu-WeiMaster
98Lin, Di-LinThe Influences of New Managerialism on the Governance Models of UniversityTai, Hsiou-HsiaMaster
98Lee, HaishuoOpenCourseWare in Taiwan: The Origin and Influence of National Chiao Tung University’s OCW and the Development of Taiwan OCW ConsortiumChou, ChienMaster
97Lee, Pei-JungExplore the affects of connecting representation on chemistry learning processing from EEG and problem solving performanceShe, Hsiao-ChingMaster
97Chuang, Ming-HuaExplore the impact of pure matching and carry over web-based learning content on 5th grade students’ scientific concept construction and analogical reasoning abilityShe, Hsiao-ChingMaster
97Fan, Chiao-YuIndustry Transition and the Trend of University Curriculum DevelopmentTai, Hsiao-ShiaMaster
97Jiang, Yi-JingFlying out of the Labyrinth: A Narrative about a Female Graduate Student’s Self-identityChen, Jyh-JiaMaster
97Cheng, Yu-ChunExternal Governance and Quality Assurance Mechanism in Higher Education: A Study of the Nordic CountriesTai, Hsiou-HsiaMaster
97Li, Ai-YunSocial Justice and Higher Education Tuition Policy ─A Contemporary Liberalism PerspectiveTai, Hsiou-HsiaMaster
97Li, Ming-ChiaSeeking and Letting Go: A Self-narration of Searching for TrustChen, Jyh-JiaMaster
97Teng, Ta-ChunThe Development, Implement and Evaluation of Crimeware Prevention Courses Based on Fear-appeals Design for Taiwan Sixth GradersChou, ChienMaster
97Chun-Yu ChangA Study of Interactive Functions on College Digital Platforms and Learners’ PerceptionChien ChouMaster
97Ho, Ching-WenThe Study of Teachers’ Online Game Experiences, Teachers’ Playfulness, Their Perception of Students’ Online Gaming Motivation, Emotion, Learning, and Teacher-Student Game-related RelationshipChou, ChienMaster
97Huang, Li-YuExplore the Impact of Multiple Representations of Thermal Expansion Conceptions on High School Students' Conceptual Change Process and Brain ProcessShe, Hsiao-ChingMaster
97Su, Yu-HuiRelational aggression victimization and psychosocial adjustment in adolescents: social support as a moderator.Fang, Tzu-WeiMaster
97Wang, Chien-YunAdherence and Relief: A Self-narration of a Female TeacherChen, Jyh-JiaMaster
97Chen, Chao-MingA Study of the Transformation of Teachers Colleges in Taiwan- A risk management perspectiveTai, Hsiao-ShiaMaster
97Yuan-Tai TsaiDigital Divide on Taiwanese Campus: Research on Generational Segmentation between Teachers and StudentsChien ChouMaster
97Shie, Jhe-WeiThe Correlative Study of Marital Conflict, Emotional Security, and Parentification for College StudentsFang, Tzu-WeiMaster
97Liu, Ming-LunMotivation for change of drug-using offenders in detention centersHsu, Ying-ChuMaster
97Wei, Wen-ChunSearching for Wholeness: Unfolding Life Frame of a Beginning Female TeacherChen, Jyh-JiaMaster
97Chen, Hung-ShenAn experimental study of combining explicit and implicit instruction of changing eighth-grade students’scientific epistemological viewsTsai, Chin-ChungMaster
97Yeh, Kuan-HueFostering 8th grade students’ argumentation ability and conceptual change involving chemical reaction through the use of Web-based argumentation learning contentShe,Hsiao-ChingMaster
96Shih-Hsuan ChenFactors of Ubiquitous Performance Support (UPSS) System Adoption Junior High School TeachersChen, Chao-HsiuMaster
96Li-Chun ChenA Study of Body Image Disturbance and Related Factors in AdolescenceSunny S. J. LinMaster
96YE,YU-ZHENA Study of Goal Contents of College Students in TaiwanLin, sunnyMaster
96Jen-Lan LiuCocoon-A Life Story of Self-transformationJyh-Jia ChenMaster
96Jou-chen ChenA Study of National Competitiveness and University-Industry Collaboration on Finland, Sweden and DenmarkTai, HsiouHsiaMaster
96Yin-Lan ChenThe Design, Development and Evaluation of Internet Information Verification Curriculum for Taiwan Junior and Senior High School StudentsChien ChouMaster
96CAI,ZHENG-HONGAn Action Research on The Curriculum for Parents to Teach 5th and 6th Graders` Home Use of Computers and the InternetChien, ChouMaster
96Yu-Li ChiuUniversity students' strategies and attitudes of responding to anomalous data in science laboratory, with relations to their views about the nature of science, laboratory environments and teachers' viewsChin-Chung TsaiMaster
96Ger-Yu ChangExplore the Effects of Different Background Undergraduate Student’s Construction of Mental Representation on Diffusion and Osmosis Through the Use of Eye-trackerHsiao-Ching SheMaster
96Chien-Hsien ChenExplore the impacts on middle school students’ scientific concepts construction and argumentation ability through the use of a web-based argumentation learning programHsiao-Ching SheMaster
96WU,XUAN-YINGIs time the best medicine?- A study on the suffering experience of people who can't recover from romantic relationship breakup.Hsu, Shao-LingMaster
96Yi-Chun LiuThe Correlative Study of Counselors’ Use of Humor SkillsTzu-Wei FangMaster
96LIN,YAN-JUNThe influence of intergovernmentalism and superanationalism on the European Union’s higher education in integration policy.Tai, HsiouHsiaMaster
96WU,MEI-XIANGThe relationship between scientific epistemological beliefs and students' argumentation on socio-scientific issues.Chin-Chung TsaiMaster
96Yi-Len ChenExplore the effects of different multimedia representations on students’ genetic concept construction through the use of web-based DSLM contentHsiao-Ching SheMaster
96Pin-Ju KuoThe Correlative Study of Social Anxiety Tendency, Rumination, Loneliness and the Time of Using Internet for College StudentsTzu-Wei FangMaster
96Shuhui YangWhy can’t I leave him/her? Exploratory Study of Intimate Relationships Experience and Internal Process of the People Who Has Difficulties in Break-upShaoling HsuMaster
96Chuang Shi TingA Self-searching Journey of a Female Junior High School TeacherJyh-Jia ChenMaster
96CAI,XIU-LINGThe Commercialization of Higher Education in New Economy -A study of the American Research UniversityHsiou-Hsia TaiMaster
96Kai-Ting ShihEffects of Materialism, Appearance Orientation, and Money Attitude on Adolescent Consumers' Impulsive Buying Behavior TendencySunny S. J. LinMaster
96Pei-Chi ChenDancing with New Taiwanese ChildrenJyh-Jia ChenMaster
95Po-Ya ChuangThe Need Analysis and Design of Mobile Performance Support System (MPSS) for Junior High School TeacherHsindy PengMaster
95XU,AN-QIThe General Education in U.S. University—A Case Study for St. John’s College、Harvard University、U.C. BerkeleyFrank HuangMaster
95Wan-Ju HoThe Journey of a Female Graduate Student Searching for HerselfJyh-Jia ChenMaster
95FAN,KAI-LIA Study on the Pursuit of Excellence of Key Universities in China-An Example of Zhejiang UniversityFrank HuangMaster
95Yi-hsiu LaiA Study on the Participation in the Team Learning for the Elementary School Teachers in TaiwanFrank HuangMaster
95Zong-Da LinMulti-level governance and higher education integration in European UnionHsiou-Hsia TaiMaster
95Hung-Yuan WangThe Design, Development and Evaluation of Computer Viruses Defending Curriculum for Taiwan Elementary School Senior GradersChien ChouMaster
95Chung-Lin WuThe Design and Development of a Digital Portfolio SystemChien ChouMaster
95Cheng Hsin-YiAn experimential study of the influence of mood state and schema on creative cognitionLin, sunnyMaster
95Pei-Han ChangA Turnaround Story: From "A Narrative Study of the Schooling Experience of the Students From the Laboring Classes" to "A Narrative Study of my Life Experience"Jr-Jia ChenMaster
95Meng-Chun HouA Study on Cross-Curricular Program of Universities in TaiwanFrank HuangMaster
95Fan-Ruei, ChiouThe Design and Evaluation of a Mobile Technology Supported Observation ProgramHsinyi PengMaster
95Tzu-Chin ChenResearch of “Scientific Analogical Reasoning” within Web-based Interactive Learning: Promoting Middle School Students’ Reasoning Abilities and Concept Construction Involving Electricity.Hasiao-ChingSheMaster
94Chao-I WangThe Design, Development and Evaluation of Intercultural Coommunicative Competence Learning Materials for High School StudentsHsinyi PengMaster
94GUO,YU-WENA Study on Corporationalization of National Universities in TaiwanFrank HuangMaster
94Chia-Ching LinScience learning in the Internet-based learning environments: An exploration about scientific epistemological beliefs and online searching strategiesChin-Chung TsaiMaster
94Ya-Chuan LuoThe Development of Adolescent Authentic Happiness Questionnaire and TheSunny LinMaster
94Chu-Yu YuUniversity Classification and Evaluation of Higher Education—A Case Study of UKHsiou-Hsia TaiMaster
94PENG,JING-PINGThe Research on the Involvement of the Female Elementary School Teachers in Taiwan at the Teachers AssociationFrank HuangMaster
93I-Chen TsaiThe influence of school organizational creative climate, and teachers’ intrinsic, extrinsic motivation on elementary school teachers’ creative teaching: A structural equation modeling study.Sunny S. J. LinMaster
93Shu-Ting YangDevelopment and Evaluation of Cyber Copyright Learning Materials for Pre-service TeachersChien ChouMaster
93Ya-Wen LiaoResearch of “Scientific Reasoning ” with Web-based Interactive Learning : Promoting Middle School Students’ Conceptual Construction and Reasoning Regarding AtomsHsiao-Ching SheMaster
93Hui-Wen NiehThe Correlative Study of Grief Misconception, Coping Behaviors and Recovery Degree of Undergraduate Students with Losses in Their LivesTzu-Wei FangMaster
93Yi-Jun LinResearch on University Students’ Gender Role Orientation, Gender Egalitarianism Attitude, and Fear of SuccessTzu-Wei FangMaster
93Ying-Fang ChenExperiment and instruction on university students' critical thinking of Internet informationSunny S. J. LinMaster
93SU,YI-RUThe Design, Development and Evaluation of Netiquette Curriculum for Taiwan High School StudentsChien, ChouMaster
93Yi Lun ChenThe Study of University Evaluation in TaiwanFrank HuangMaster
93Li-Fang YangResistance and transformation - the aboriginal teachers' curricular practiceJyh-Jia ChenMaster
93Ya-Ying SueFrom Welfare State to Neoliberalism:A Study of Policy Change of Higher Education Funding.Hsiou-Hsia TaiMaster
93Pei-Shan ChanThe Design and Evaluation of Cyberlaw Curriculum for Taiwan High School StudentsChien ChouMaster
93REN,HUI-LINGA Study on Career Decision-Making Self-Efficacy, Career Barriers and Career Choices Congruence of Graduate StudentsFang, Tzu-weiMaster
93XIE,YUAN-RENThe Design and Development of Information Safety CurriculumChien, ChouMaster
93PAN,XIU-YINGGlobalization or regionalization? –Analysis of foreign student flow in European Union, North America, and Asia-Pacific region (1980~2000)Tai, HsiouHsiaMaster
93Hui-Hua HsiaoAn Exploratory Study of Taiwan High School Students’ Problematic Internet Usage: Teachers’ Perception and Counseling ExperiencesChien ChouMaster
93Chia Chi YehA study on problem-solving and cooperative problem-solving in different mathematical word problems.Chin Chung TsaiMaster
92Fang-Yin ChenMarketization and the Transformations of Australian Higher EducationHsiou-Hsia TaiMaster
92Pei-Ling ChoA Comparative Study of OECD and World Bank Higher Education Policy: A Postcolonial PerspectiveHsiou-Hsia TaiMaster
92I-Hsiu LiuAcross Reality to Virtual World:Aggression and Related Factors between Two WorldsDr. Sunny S. J. LinMaster
92Su-Ping HungA social cognitive model of significant other’s feedback, creative self-efficacy, internal motivation and external motivation on creative behavior: A structure equation modeling studySunny S. J. LinMaster
92chienyu LinAn experimental study of the influence of creative self-efficacy and expected evaluation on intrinsic motivation and creative performanceLin, sunnyMaster
91YOU,GUANG-RUIPrimary school English curriculum : A policy analysisTai, HsiouHsiaMaster
91Ying Tien WuThe Effects of Constructivist-oriented Instruction on Elementary School Students' Cognitive StructuresProf. Chin Chung TsaiMaster
91HUANG,XIN-MINReproduction and Resistance:A Study on the Admission Policy of Taiwan's High Schools(1971-2002)Tai, HsiouHsiaMaster
91Chiao Hua LuThe Study of Strategies for Universities Merger and the Following Administration in TaiwanFrank HuangMaster
91Hung-Yu HuangConstruction of pathological Internet use and Internet hostility models based on cognitive behavior theory among college students in three universities of northern TaiwanSunny S. J. LinMaster
91Yu-Tsz ChiangFactors influence creative teaching with technology among teachersof elementary schools served as information Technology Seeds in Taipei and Taoyuan CountiesdsSunny LinMaster
91Peiyi HsiehCorrelates of Users' Critical Thinking, Participating Perceptions, Motivations, and Involvement Level in a BBS' Math Discussion BoardChien Chou, Ph.DMaster
91Chia-Yu ChenThe Study of Relationship among President`s Transformational Leadership and Effectiveness of Leadership at Universities in TaiwanFrank HuangMaster
85Lai, Yin-NanA Framework for ATM Protocol Software with an example of Signalling Protocol ImplementationFeng-Jian WangMaster