Chia-Lin Lee    Senior Staff   

TEL    |   03-5731641
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  Contact For   Coordinate IED administrative affairs, Faculty-related affairs
Pei-Hsuan Lin Staff   

TEL     |   03-5731642
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  Contact For    Teacher education: recruitment and admission of pre-service teachers, Pre-service teacher advising, Certification, Facilities and equipment of IED and CTE, CTE-related affairs, Temporarily assignments
Ya-Yi Tsai   Staff   

TEL     |   03-5731640
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  Contact For    Teacher education: Internship with contractor schools, Internship with new schools, Course credit recognition, National Teacher Certification Exam, Secondary teaching certificates, Re-issue of the teacher certificates
Name TEL E-mail Position
Pei-Hua Lin 03-5712121*58054 PM of Dr. She Hsiao-Ching
Ya-Wen Su 03-5712121*58066 PM of Dr. Shan-Ju Lin
Chun-Lin Gau 03-5712121*58053 PM of Dr. Chien Chou
Zi-Ying Cheng 03-5712121*58073 PM of Dr. Jiun-Yu Wu
Wei-Xuan Chen 03-5712121*52722 PM of Dr. Chih-Yuan Sun