Scholarly Fields

The IED has developed three research foci: educational psychology, science education, and e-learning. In accordance with these fields, the courses are divided into four divisions. In this way, IED could not only bring about cross-disciplinary collaboration, but align the characteristics of a comprehensive University, and also fulfill the demands of educational research both locally and globally.

(a) Educational  Psychology

The program offers quality training in cognitive learning and social development with longitudinal/quantitative research methods. In addition, as the Taiwanese society is undergoing rapid changes, maladjustment becomes prevalent. In reaction to the societal needs, we strive to provide quality training for mental health practitioners and researchers. Main research focuses include growth curve of online learning, the longitudinal trend of adolescent media usage and well-being, teacher/student perfectionism and emotion, the impact of individual factors and contextual factors on adolescent social development and psychological adjustment, as well as general linear modeling to tackle longitudinal and nested data.

(b) Science Education

Since the recent trend of science education research has shifted its focus on philosophy of science and cognitive psychology, the Science Education division specializes in the professional areas of science, psychology, philosophy, information and society. The aspects of its development includes research of science learning, development of science teaching, and training of science teachers etc.

(c) E-learning

Riding on bandwagon of the development of information society and digital technology, the e-learning division makes efforts on preparing students on educational theories, practices, and research of information and communication technology. The aspects of its development includes developments of e-learning environment and materials, integration of information technology and instruction, digital ethics and literacy, and cyber psychology